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OK, Now What?
30th March 2010  
Today I've made a start on the next JNKPlat.
Everything will be sprite based, but MASSIVE compared to previous outings.
Where previously they'd been 8x8 pixel tiles, this time around they're going to be 64x64 pixels.
That's a 6400% size increase! (Assuming I did the maths right!)

Look inside for the super high-resolution mock-shot!

Onscreen, at 1280x960 resolution, the graphics should then be 64x64 tiles, which gives us an average of 20x15 onscreen tiles at a time.
The game will be scrolling, so the levels can be much larger, but scale-wise it'll be about the same scale as today's Blockman game.

Although, I might also take the time to add some camera scaling to my framework, that'd be handy.

Levels are not planned, yet, and I'm not really sure what shape they'll take, but.. well.. you've seen JNKPlat before! You pretty much know what it'll look like.

Today I've been upping the main tiles, and just redrawing 50 simple tiles has somehow managed to take me most of the day! As such, I'll be expecting the game to take a similar ludicrous amount of time!
But that's ok.
I've already said that April will be JNKPlat month, so if it does end up taking a whole month, then... Whatever! I love this game!

Tomorrow I'll set about plopping the bits into an engine, redrawing Platdude, and seeing what kind of nice overlay filters I can achieve in BlitzMax.
Hopefully it's a nice one, because the test filter I made in PaintshopPro gives the mock-shot a wonderful little Felt-like appearance.
If I can redo that ingame, I'll be happy!!

Here's your mock-shot, with filter intact, in super high-definition!!

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
<a href="">Download it for your desktop!</a>

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