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JNKPlat Week 2
6th April 2010  
No release yet, it's nearly ready, but still so far away!
Not to worry, it's Platdude's month, so let's carry on.

By the end of this month there'll be a PC version, and a Linux version, too.
That's hopefully apparent by now.
What I've not mentioned, yet, is my hopes to recreate this game onto other platforms. So let's talk about that, now.

1. XNA = Xbox 360
That'd be nice, wouldn't it?
The game's already lovely and playable in multiple resolutions, and all nice, big and super high-definition. So, why not?
It'll mean having to learn all of that XNA stuff again, and a general re-coding of the whole kit and kaboodle, but if it gets done, that'd be worth it.

2. Nintendo DS
I have an issue with this one, and that's that.. so far.. there's actually not that much I can think of adding to the DS08 edition of JNKPlat. In fact, in many ways, DS08 has been my go-to for ideas, and methods.
Sure, this version will look a little neater, but changing the game from "Screen Sized" to large wide scrolling levels would mean that I'd inevitably end up using only one of the two screens.
What to do with that other screen?

3. Wii!
I've never tried Wii development before, but if I'm about to reinstall DevKitPro (for the DS edition) I might as well think about trying out the Gamecube/Wii sections whilst I'm at it.
My only issue is the fact that the Wii has only 2 face buttons. Hold, and... Single Button Jump?!


4. iPhings
Note : I'm in no position to do that, since I don't own a Mac. Feel free to send me a Mac!

But I find myself constantly wondering what sort of game JNKPlat would be, without any buttons. I don't like the cheap/tacky idea of throwing at least 6 buttons onto an already small screen, so it'd somehow have to rely upon other methods.

In this case, <a href="">JNKPlat Slots</a> is actually a starting point for me. You could also think of it a bit like Chu Chu Rocket, in a way. The maze is layed out, Platdude has his start and exit points, but you must position certain objects so that he makes it from one side to the next.

It's an odd plan that's been in my head for a long while, but I've never seen fit to try it out.
iPhing might help me do that.


Meanwhile, BigShot #3.
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
This is the same test level, still, but with the slightly shorter zoom applied.
To be honest, it still looks a little "shrunken image", and isn't quite as nice as I'd like it to be.
I'm not sure if I'll leave that mode in, but it's nice to see it all like that.

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