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JNKPlat2010 Teaser
6th April 2010  
Yeay! Platdude's on his way!

Here's the first teaser..

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Odd things to spot.

1. Framerate's a little quirky, because my screen-capture STILL sucks, even on the new fancy PC. Dangit.
2. No ingame audio, same reason.
3. Those aren't real levels!! Those are just made up to show off different things.
4. I made the music WAY too short, and couldn't fit all 8 video that I'd captured. Oh well, never mind, there's always the 2nd teaser!
5. The exit doesn't work yet, so I had to very very carefully stop, right beside it!!

There may be more odd things, but I've forgotten the rest!

I'm now up to the "Make a bunch of levels" part of development.
This usually takes the longest!!

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