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JNKPlat 2010 : Still going with the basics!
8th April 2010  
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It's amazing that, a week and a bit later, there are still loads of old things that must be put into the game.
I completely forgot about those little mines, and the TNT Plunger based mines, too!
Then getting them all working on Travellators, too.
Plenty of work.

But it's getting there.

1. The Plunger-based ladder
2. Ice platforms
3. Bats

and, I think that's probably everything from the DS edition.

I dread to think what else I've missed out!!

So far there's a whole ONE new tile!
Although, that one is a little quirky, and can occasionally lead to Platdude leaving his designated area. I might have to set up a whole load of evil-death around the new tile, just to be sure he's behaving nearby!

Next up, I gotta make myself a level editor!

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