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Req : Some levels!
10th April 2010  
Think you've got what it takes to make JNKPlat levels?

Want to get your name into a game before the game's even finished yet?

Want to even get to play the game before it's even finished?!

email me, NOW!
or post "Me!" (or otherwise) into the comments below.

A limited selection will receive the pre-pre-pre edition of the game, with a very simple batch of test levels, and the fully formed level editor, ready to build some kick-ass new stuff.

Pre-pre-pre edition will be sent out on Tuesday, so get your name in the hat before that happens.

Each person will be expected to build at least one fantastic level, and it'd be nice if you could build a couple more to bulk up the numbers a bit!!
The full release will probably be the Tuesday after, so you won't have a lot of time, but it only takes a few minutes to bodge something half-decent together.

Let me know if you want in!

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