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Editor Sent!
13th April 2010  
To the 7 people who asked, the editor has been sent.

This kinda counts as a release, but since it's not a public release, it also kinda doesn't.

2 weeks in, and the game's coming along in leaps and bounds. There's a couple of DS08 tiles that aren't in there yet, but otherwise it's about the same game.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
With 1 week left, I need to..
1. Add more tiles!
2. Do the entire frontend, 'cos it's a bit pants right now.
3. More niceyness
4. Levels! Must remember to make levels!!!
5. Probably more stuff, but nothing else written down!

If you asked, but haven't received, check your spambox, and if you definitely don't have it, let me know.

AGAW Scoring : 33 weeks, but still only 37 games. Still not bad, but I'm definitely slowing down!!

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