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14th April 2010  
Folk who currently have the editor should be aware that there's a slight bug with the far right, and lower sides of the levels! Try not to go too far!! Thanks! I probably mis-counted something, somewhere, and it's all gone a bit pants!

Otherwise everything should, hopefully, be working just fine. Although I'm a little disappointed that I didn't test that. It popped into my mind a couple of days ago, but I was too busy trying to get the encoding to work that it then popped right back out again! Bah.

It'll be fixed by Tuesday!

Meanwhile, another little bit for editing folk.

If you're making a larger level pack, and want to spread things out a bit, place a "[Checkpoint]" before the next "[Level]", (inside the raw file in notepad) and once the final version's released, these will act as restartable points that the player can begin from. As opposed to always starting from level 1 in your pack, they can pick checkpoints once they're reached that level.

And I should probably point out, the player will be getting three lives again, just like the DS version.

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