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Additional Gfx by Sir Voe
22nd April 2010  
We're not done yet!

In order to further our quest to redo DS08 in Bigginess, we've also got to redraw all of SirVoe's wonderful alternative graphics that he designed for DS08.

There's 3 extra sets of sprites, and it's taken me about 2 hours to redraw about 1/4 of the first sheet.

Rush time!!

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
Here's what I'm thinking. Each level pack is split into 4-level "parts" so, I might as well change the graphic set for each part. Give it a bit of progression..
(the splits are those "starting point" things on the menu!!)

Meanwhile, I've got the number of levels up to 99 (bah!!!) and once I've come up with a 100th, I'll start making Trailer #3. Because "100 levels of JNKPlat2010 in 10 minutes!!" would make quite a nice little trailer.

Now, Gimme More Levels!!!!

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