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Y2:W38 - No Game, Updates!
18th May 2010  
Uhoh, the ratio's dropping!

No matter, this week's been SUPER busy, what with it being the week I finally got a Mac.
As seen the other day, I re-released <a href="">8 of my games for Mac</a>. It's not just Steam on Mac!!! You can play UFO246, too!

Today sees a couple of extra bonuses.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>
I've been slowly rejigging bits and pieces of these two games all week.
One came out nicely, the other one. Well.. I dunno.. Is it a game, yet!?

Gravity Bombs


The thing they don't tell you about the almighty Magic Mouse is that you can't drag with the left mouse button, then tap the right mouse button, because there's only one blinkin' mouse button!
Sure, it's touch sensitive, and is nice under about 99% of circumstances, but playing Gravity Bombs is pretty much impossible.
A rejig of the controls was in order.

Now you drag, and the bombs shoot off when you let go. If you preferred the drag+right click, that'll still work.
Then I came across mouse-issue-2, where you couldn't let go of the mouse once you'd started dragging, or it'd fire. Pretty annoying when you clicked the wrong shooter! I've now added a square in the middle of the play area. If you drag into that, it'll stop you from firing.

Next up, I've thrown the game into a 4-round loop.
Round 1 is normal, round 2 adds more holes, round 3 removes some, and round 4 makes sure there's only 2 colours, so you can get nice big swirly things happening!

I've tweaked the swirliness, played with the bomb-distance, and even upped the number of bombs-per-hole, just so it all looks a little bit nicer.

Is it a better game?
I actually think I've somehow managed to make it even easier, which means you'll probably get bored with it a whole lot sooner.

Looks nice, though!
Gravity Bombs is <a href="">Available for Windows, Linux AND MAC!!!</a>

JNKPlat 2010 - 5th release


We're now up to 137 levels, and I've added in a couple of new tiles. (Level count's up on the top left!)

An all-new baddy has been added into the mix, alongside a special new tile that may/may not be immensely fun to play with.

Another dozen new levels from me, all Jack themed, and a couple more from other folk.
Keep those levels coming, and I'll carry on updating!

JNKPlat 2010 is <a href="">Available for Windows, Linux AND MAC!!!</a>

AGAW Scoring : 38 weeks, 39 games. Uhoh!!!

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