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Y2:W47 - Chuffed Tracks
20th July 2010  
This week's game came out a whole lot better than I'd expected it to.
It's still not fantastic, but given that the game only just started to fall into place yesterday, it's not turned out so bad.


Collect and deliver parcels and people from the stations.
The numbers show how many parcels/people need to get the train, or need to get off. (logic mis-step, people/parcels apparently aren't aiming for a specific station, and are happy to be dropped off anywhere!)

The numbers on the train show how empty your carriage is, and equally, how full your carriage is.

Head the right direction, pass through the station, drop off/pick up, and carry on your way.

For reasons best unknown, stations will explode if they ever have/need more than 16 passengers/parcels. So to prevent disaster, you should head to the closest station, and keep the flow of passengers/parcels moving.

Your cashflow is displayed up top, and you'll earn money for pickup/drop-off's, and spend money on track.
Oh, and the train tends to lose cash as it goes.. Damn coal!

I think that's all I need to tell you!

Oh, and rightclick to switch a track between "This" and "The last", although similarly plopping the same tile onto it will do the same thing, just incase you forget!

You can Download Chuffed Tracks from the Jay Archive, for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.


AGAW Scoring : 47 weeks, 48 games, and .. um.. I was supposed to have a week off... Where did that go!?

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