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The Box - Part Four
20th October 2017  
I wasn't expecting my first attempt at iOS/XCode to run smoothly!

The main complaints from the dozens of error messages, were warning me that "C++ Expects Types" when declaring and using functions.
Well, no.. It doesn't..

It's working fine in both the Windows and HTML editions.

XCode expects types.. Not C++. C++ is fine without!


So I tweaked the .cpp and .h files, jiggled bits around, and eventually got the test thing to compile.
It output "Hello World" to the debug message thing in XCode, but curiously didn't output "This is a test!" which it really should've done, and I'm not sure why it didn't.

However, to get it to that point, I needed to do a LOT of tweaking.
If I have to do that for every compile, it's going to do my head in.
So, I think I need to strip things out, and maybe rework the code with Types in mind, rather than blindly bounding ahead without them.

Bah, humbug!

Back to square one, I suppose.

Good thing I decided to test this stuff at an early stage!

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