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Note to SoaT
22nd September 2010  
(I'm not sure if that rhymes, possibly maybe..)

Over at <a href="">[Battle]Forum</a> (|edit| I think this forum's long gone |edit|) they're having a nice chat about JNKPlat2010, and, more significantly, the insanity that is Shadow1w2's MASSIVE 100th level.
It's a fantastic level, but they just can't quite fathom it.

I had a go, today.
Loaded up Taksi and the game, and tried about 20/30 times to get through.

Already I'm out of JNKPlat Practice, because.. Could I do it!? Could I buggery!

I could achieve all of the "Areas", and had otherwise managed to beat the level, if it weren't for my dying inbetween!
I had considered grabbing bits of video and cheatily strapping them together, but..
meh.. that's cheating!

Instead, I'll post this.

<a href=""><img src="">
Click to embiggen, but beware, it goes BIIIIG!!!</a>
This is a map of Shadow1w2's level.

This took AGES to get to work right, but in a (possible?!) future release, the "->png" button will be in the editor. It's not worth doing a complete release right now, but.. It's there, whenever it's needed!
(Takes AGES to compile the great big image, though!)

I can't quite post on the [battle]forum, just now. Need to wait for admin to let me in.. So if anyone from over there spots this, let 'em know it's here!
Ta muchly!

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