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URLs. Grrr
  18th November, 2017
I knew something annoying would crop up.
I just knew it!!


As I tackle having to code "everything", I'm going to reach a few stumbling blocks, and this one's a doozy.

It appears that, not only does C++ not have it's own easy to use set of net-commands, there's not really a working standard for it, either.

Oh geeze, thanks for that!
Much like MOD playing, there's a wide range of possible libraries and things, each one requiring you to compile the library specifically for the thing you're using it on.
Linux, in particular, is seemingly awful at this. Everything I find, there's about 20-odd different Linux versions of the libraries.

And I'm not over-exaggerating,
here. Look at it!!
I can't count the number of downloads that are there. I'm not sure I'd need all of those, but the fact that all of those are even there in the first place, is a worrying trend in the world of C/C++.

Today I'm going to be sifting through oodles of bits of example code, trying to find the best way to do a very simple URL request on a variety of different systems, without needing all of the above libraries and things to handle it..

I need to get this working for the Online Scoreboards to function. That's the first priority.
Once those are working, I can start to look into other things like maybe having a level editor in future games, and things like that. But those are currently very far in the future if I can't even read a URL!!

I'm really not looking forward to this, but as with everything in the Framework/Engine, thus far, it's a case of "Do it Once", and being confident that the fact that it's done is enough.

.. I hope.

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