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Suggestion Box...
  18th November, 2010
If you've an idea for AGameAWeek, let it be known in the comments below!!!
Meanwhile, thinking time...

Ok, first up, IT WAS A JOKE!!
In my head was this crazy idea of sonic being so inexplicably fast that he just plummets headfirst into his own death.
So that's exactly what I made!

It does exactly what was intended.

I think people took it too seriously, and I've actually been getting complaints about lack of content, and oddball things like that.
Go figure.

But hey, at least I'm actually getting some feedback for a change!
Next week : The shittest game I can possibly make, wrapped in a copyright infringing package, just for the sake of publicity!!
Nah, not really.
... .. maybe..

So, that RPG.
I'm struggling with a way to keep it simple, whilst also making it lengthy, and worth your while playing it.
AGameAWeek isn't very good for lengthy RPGs!
There's a bunch of little ideas bobbling around in my head, and I did indeed try something out a couple of days ago, but yet again, it wasn't really happening, and just resulted in my artwork looking like ass!

We'll skip it again, this week, methinks.

This week : Not a clue!

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