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Fixes to Fix
  12th February, 2018
Seems I've broken a few bits of the framework, this week.
RSKGames has reported that the music seems to stop after a few seconds.
Not quite sure why that might be, but it's definitely something to look into.


Meanwhile, Evil Roy Ferguson has mentioned that the Mac version's a little bit gnatty, especially if you switch tasks whilst it's running.

Both of these issues definitely need to be looked into. I've noticed the Mac-Crash myself, but haven't yet got around to fixing it.

As well as that, Steve_Ancell is still complaining about the loading screen.
I'm going to have to create a test app to Steve, to double check a couple of things, but I'm guessing it might be to do with the Multiply Blend mode, as I've had similar stuttering with that, in the past, using Monkey and BlitzMax.

Plenty to fix, then, and a whole week to start work on the next layer of Flappadiddle-Doo.

Story Mode!!!

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