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Tweaking the Tweaks
  13th February, 2018
Spent a few hours yesterday digging through code, neatening things up, and fixing what bits and pieces I could.


Today I need to build some kind of test-program for Steve_Ancell, so that I can be sure whether he's seeing blended stuttering, or just the stuttering of a loader.
I'm thinking some kind of benchmark test would help out, here. Get some proper stats of what's going on as the game does it's opening load animation thing.
OpenGL can be a fickle thing, especially using some graphic-card drivers.

In an ideal world, I'd try to add in DirectX compatibility, too.
Perhaps, once everything else is up and running properly, I might attempt to add it in, but right now I'm focusing on getting the Framework up and running on all targets, before worrying about how bloody awkward Windows can be!!

In addition to needing to recode all the graphics stuff, if I'm not using OpenGL then I'd also have to recode the keyboard/mouse/joypad input code, since that heavily relies on the functions that GLFW3 contains. And then the audio, too, would likely need to be rewritten for DirectX, too. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be able to mix OpenAL with DirectX!

A task for a later date, perhaps.

For now, I need a benchmark.

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