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2018 - Game 1 - Flappadiddle Doo Blog
26th February 2018

OK, let's get things kicked off properly.


Game #1 is a nice remake of last year's Flappadiddle.
I've added a bunch more elements, and removed the one element that I didn't like. (The flame that shoots randomly from right to left, but is never actually anything that gets in the way.)

Mostly should be functional, but the MacOS edition isn't "quite" right yet.
I'll be rejigging that, and preparing more of the Framework to cope with it, as I go.

Gameplay wise, there's 6 worlds to complete, and 5 extra birds to unlock. Each bird has slightly different physics, and those that are harder to control will score more and more points, so may be good to use for getting highscores?

Anyhoo, let me know if it does or doesn't work.

*fingers crossed* that nothing terrible breaks!!!

You can Download Flappadiddle-Doo here

What I Didn't Do

Bosses might've been nice, since as-is there's no real reason for the birdies to be stuck in cages!! Oopos!

RSKGames will probably complain that there's still no powerups.
But once I added the different birds, with different physics, what else would the powerups have done..!?! Hmm..
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