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Six Years On
  6th March, 2018
Six years to the day that they found the great big tumour in my head.

In the time since, I've created over 130 games, built 3 different Frameworks including the recent C++ one, and drawn a heck of a lot of daily Pixelart doodles, tons of ALChoons, completely rewritten two fairly large websites, and a whole load more.

None of this would've been possible without the great Neurosurgery team up at Salford Royal, (specifically, Dr Leggate's team) and the wonders that are the British NHS.

Thanks to all who contributed to the removal of the thing which brought great pain over many years.

.. All except my local GP who consistently told me, FOR YEARS, that I just had a cramp in my neck from "Bad Posture", sitting at the computer all day.

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