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2018 - Game'ish 3 - Score My Words
  10th March, 2018

Might as well make this an official AGameAWeek release, eh?

This week's release isn't really a game. It's more of a Tool, or a Game-Companion!


If you're sick of doing the maths whilst playing Scrabble In-Real-Life, with your friends, you can now relax and let this little app do all the legwork for you.

Incidentally, I've switched back to Monkey-X for this project, since I've still not got HTML or iOS working in the new C++ AGAWFrame.
I'd be a little disappointed, if not for the fact that I managed to get the whole thing up and running in around about 30 hours.
I'm quite happy about that!


Mouse or Touch controls for everything.

What I Didn't Do

The right hand side GUI is a little .. messy!!
I could do with neatening it up a little, and in fact I might do that over the next day or so.
As well as that, the tile-placement routines can be a bit rubbish, in places. You can still leave little gaps, and it'll act like nothing's wrong!
In all, as long as you and your IRL friends are playing by real rules, you should be able to follow along with the app.

Additionally, I'm sure there's loads of "POWER" features I could add, but. Those are for another time, maybe.

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