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19th March 2018
Each week, an influx of thoughts and comments on that week's game bombard my inbox.

Let's see what @RSKGames thinks about the biscuit game!

You can Download "Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit" here


Liked the player pushing the blocks animation. Liked the animation on level completion. Background score is melodious to hear.

And thus ends the good points


The animation could've been a little more animated, IMO, but otherwise it does the job.
Also, "Bloke" now has a name, so that's a thing!!

I remember finishing some 80 odd levels on the same day Quadoban was released last year. But in today's game I finished 2 levels (not including the tutorial level) with great difficulty. Somehow I have not found the correct technique to crack the levels. I don't think even the undo button like in Quadoban could have helped.

Quadoban was a bit too easy.
This is the polar opposite!
I'd been playing the game with the cheat mode on, for most of the development period. Each level includes a strict set of moves that, when performed in the correct order, will always result in a level being beaten.

Following these steps, it became obvious to me that a LOT of the levels ended up with near enough the exact same solution, so I headed back to the level generator, and tweaked and tweaked and tweaked it until everything got a little bit more random.

Then I switched off the cheat mode....
..And then I realised exactly how bloomin' hard I'd managed to make things!!

Found that blocks can be pushed on to the outer most boundary with either other blocks or the biscuit but that insight did not help me much as I was not able to keep the blocks in the boundaries to be able to push them.

Pushing the blocks onto the "surround" will make areas inaccessible, so be careful with them.
You can further push blocks off the level completely, through pushing them further with other blocks, so don't think that having a block on there is the end of things. Shoving biscuits into their place will help.

I also kept restarting the game by accident as the z key is used for both pushing and restarting. X key to restart might have been better.

Indeed, that probably would help. I've done that a couple of times, myself.
If I ever do an update, that'll be the first thing to be tweaked.

Will play the game some more time and see if I can find the technique to complete few more levels.

Practise makes perfect!
I've beaten 9 levels, so far!!! Woot!!

Played the tutorial level again got some inspiration to complete one more level.

Just another 70-odd levels to go

You can Download "Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit" here
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