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  24th March, 2018
iPad died at 30% battery again, last night. That's not a good sign.

Ignoring the imminent failure of my own technology, I spent most of yesterday trying to get iOS and Android working again, but failing to get anything going whatsoever.


"Alert" says the iOS debuglog, with nothing more than a white screen on the iPhing, before crashing out.
But at least that's better than still not having figured out the way to compile ANYTHING onto Android, yet.

This isn't going well, is it!?


This week's game's coming along ok, but the three difficulty levels don't exactly feel very different.
I think I might need to add some extra hard baddies to the Hard difficulty, then remove all enemies from Easy mode. That'll probably work out a bit better, but otherwise.. Snake is Snake, even if it's now drastically different, and more about some kind of underwater creature.


Today and tomorrow to figure out the game. I'm sure there'll be NO problems whatsoever!!

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