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A Menu Appears...
  13th April, 2018

It works, but like I said this morning, I really need to fix the scaling quite a bit to get everything working properly.
But, yeah.. Our familiar Framework Menu! Woot!


I've taken some time converting the "Nearest Neighbour" scaling to a better smooth-scaling function, so the shrunken sprites look a little more respectable. (That Quit button looked ugly as pie, a couple of hours ago!)

The menu functions OK. You can hop through the menu, play with the options, switch on the debug thing, view credits, go into the "not a game", quit back out, and all the other Framework'y things..
But there are many many issues.

First, the odd scaling. This is due to me having shrunk all assets down to 1/4 their size, so I obviously need to add some sort of tweakage in the code to scale the big objects back up, without over-scaling things that should still be small. Complicated!

I'm not really sure what's going on with the font. If I try it in a standard test app, the font kerns correctly, but when tested in the actual framework, things go weird and wobbly!
The logo is shrunken to insanely small proportions. No idea why, but I'm guessing it's a hard-coded number problem.

Additionally, the thing's now crashing on the real 3DS, but I'm fairly sure that's down to a memory issue, as the smaller test runs just fine.

But, yeah.. Things are going smooth as silk*!

(* alarmingly wrinkly silk)

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