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  12th May, 2018
The new choon that appeared last night, Generous Justice, is the music for Franken-Hopper.


So, the Music's done, the game feels about right difficulty wise, and today will be the finishing touches. Logo, screenshots, icons, etc.

I've not yet added any sound effects, and I'm not 100% sure that the game feels right on the 3DS yet, but otherwise everything seems to be slotting together nicely.

It's quite a small little game, and is a one-touch-death "Jay is evil" sort of thing. In many ways, it's not deserving of a "Two week game", but in all honesty that was time I spent working on the 3DS framework, not the actual game.

I do hope that people aren't being put off by the erratic nature of this year's schedule, and I also hope that by the end of all this, I've got a lovely framework that actually does function in all the ways I'd like it to.

So far, it looks ok, but who knows what's really going on out there in the real world. I bet there's crashes and allsorts!!
Thankfully, Otakupunk's videos seem to be working smoothly enough, aside from the "OMG! THIS CUD BE VIRUS!!" warning that McAfee's giving him. (or was it Norton? Can't remember.)

My, this is a waffley blog, isn't it?

OK, today's tasks.
1. SFX for Franken-Hopper
2. Screenshots and Icons and stuff
3. Switch on the scoreboards
4. Compiles and Uploads

Should be easy!!!

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