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  14th May, 2018
I should probably make this a regular thing, again. It's always fun to get a little back'n'forth going.

Dan from SoCoder

Recently, i saw a Choplifter game (Game Gear), on youtube and thought, with a bit of imagination,the rescuees looks like the platdude. So my idea is, if you like to make a Choplifter Clone or alike with platdude. At least something with Helicopter ? ^^;


It would probably look a bit like this!

Oldgames again: Le'Platlings ?!

It would probably look a bit like this!
Although, that one was swiftly abandoned.. I could probably do that better, nowadays.

Have you ever played the "Little Computer People", the precursor of the Sims ? Well the game would be nice to have a remake. Maybe with Platdude and Platdudett, some pets and mini-games included.

That could be interesting. A day in the life of Platdude and family.
I'll stick that onto the list.

Greetings Dan.


Ethel The Frog on Twitter

Apple bobbing. Go on...????

I'm not sure how much fun Apple bobbing would be with a generic controller/keyboard. About as much fun as those rubbish '80s Darts games, I'd imagine.
But.. Bobbing about ON Apples.. That could be an interesting concept.

GeriatricGamer on Twitter

How about you make your own iOS version of Arcade Pool already. Or Side Pocket ideally. I'll buy it.

I started one...!
It was going quite well until I had to add AI, and then all the actual game rules and things. Then I realised it'd probably be quicker to nag Team17 into doing a proper one.
Turns out.. Not so much.. They're lazy buggers, sometimes..
Looks like I might have to do it myself.
Bah, humbug..


A few character ideas to consider introducing...

The Juice Goose - A silly goose that makes an appearance in several games and will sell the player energy-replacing juice.

The Boat Goat - A silly goat that that makes an appearance in several games and will sell you a boat allowing you to cross watery areas.

The Wish Fish - For games that involve going underwater, the Wish Fish can be found in a secret location. Can grant you one of several wishes, such as a higher energy bar, extra inventory slot, better weapon or whatever.

The Morse Horse - This silly horse makes noises and basically speaks in morse code, offering various useful tips for how to navigate the section ahead.

.....! OK, Dave!


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