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OK, Now What?>
  16th May, 2018
I haven't got much planned for this week's game, yet.
I was first waiting to see if a Buffer Drawn Tilemap might be workable, but it seems that it's going to be a missing feature on 3DS.


It works OK for simple unimportant background layers, but I can't rely on buffers for drawing actual gameplay-based elements such as the floor of a dungeon or other such things.
It's not large enough, or quick enough, to be used for such things.
Instead, I'm going to have to rely on simple sprite based tilemaps to get things done.

.. And given the game I had in mind for this week, that's less than ideal.

So, what game should I do instead?
I think it might be nice to do some sort of block-shifting side-on puzzle game, but .. What block-shifting side-on puzzle game could I do?

A new Munky Blocks?
A new Puzzobomb?
Something entirely brand new?

Decisions, decisions..

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