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Retreading Old Ground
  23rd May, 2018
Blockman Gets "Something"
Spike Dislike
JNKPlat 2018

Three classic AGameAWeek games that I really think should exist on the 3DS, more than anything.

An Alien Deathmatch would be nice, too


But what else?
In sifting through my archive, I realise there's lots of games that would probably suit the 3DS quite well, but I'd definitely feel like I'm doing a lot of the same. It's hard for me to make an exact remake, mostly because I tend to get bored midway!!
Instead, I tend to rejig ideas as I go, and usually end up with something at least slightly different than the original.

It would be great if I could simply recompile older games for the 3DS in the same way that my new C++ framework allows me, but Blitz/Monkey are far too different to C++ to let me do that, and that's a shame.

But, yeah, new ideas, new methods, and hopefully new games along the way.

Do you have any classic AGameAWeek favourites that you'd like to see redone?
Let me know, below!

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