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22nd February 2008
Last year I drew some graphics!
A set of sprites and background tiles for a DS game based on the classic Alien Breed on the Amiga.
The plan fell apart soon after.

Last week I decided to resurrect it on the PC.
Sorry! This is another none-DS game, folks!-=-=-

Still, it's not a bad game.
If you played my silly "Snowman Attack" game on the DS, you'll pretty much get the gist of this one.
Run around, pick up stuff, shoot bad stuff.

Only this time, it's aliens instead of snowmen.
And there's even an online scoreboard to, hopefully, keep everyone playing.

View on YouTube

(sorry about the quality of the vid! Youtube sucks ass when there's lots of pixels shifting about at high speed!)

This is probably the final release, although I've already had a couple of moans from people, so I'll probably upload a retweaked edition later on.

For now, this is it.. And as always, it's fun..

Download Alien Deathmatch : About 3Mb, and requiring a half decent PC. My Celeron with onboard gfx can handle it, so yours should be able to, too.
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New games every week!
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