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Scales of Slowdown
  27th May, 2018
I'm not 100% sure about those trees...


The intention with the trees, in Squashly Boop, was to test how well the various target systems can cope with large upscaled sprites.
It seems OK on my stuff, but some folk are reporting insane fps slowdown on their systems, so obviously it's not an ideal way of filling the background.

The background trees in the game are 64x64 sprites which are upscaled by 8x, to be 512x512. PLUS they're then upscaled further, depending on the game's resolution. (On 3DS, they're only scaled by 4x, to 256x256)

There are then 10 of such trees drawn every frame, so in actuality that's quite a lot of large sprites covering a fairly significant area of the screen.

The 3DS seems to cope really well with it, and with added depth values, the parallax looks nice and complex.
On the other hand, Desktop users are complaining that the FPS can be seriously low on the game.

I was hoping that I could use simple upscaled sprites to hide the plain backgrounds of the games, but it doesn't seem like it'll be ideal in all scenarios.

This is going to end up being another of those things that I need to work on differently, for the varying systems.

Bah, humbug!

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