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  10th June, 2018
I've been focusing on JNKPlat much more than I should've, this week, and neglecting to get the Metal part of the framework up and running.

That'll be today's task.
Because I REALLY need to do that!



I've been trying to formulate a nice layout for JNKPlat's levels, but one large thing is still missing.
How on EARTH am I going to do level uploads?
I think I'm definitely going to need to add an input function into my framework, as people are more than likely going to want to enter a name for their levels, as well as their own names.

This is definitely something I need to work on. At the minute the only text input is the "Enter Your Name" screen in the options menu (only available on Desktop) and although I'm quite happy with the way it works on short usernames, it's not exactly a great way to enter longer level names.

I might need to create some kind of internal onscreen keyboard.

.. Hmmm..

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