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Windows Update - Screen Brightness Fix
  13th June, 2018
Don't you love it when, after a recent Update, Windows always opens the browser up. You always expect the page it leads you to will be full of actual information about what the windows update just did.
But, no.
It never does.
It's always the exact same generic "Windows Help" page that tell you absolutely nothing.

After this morning's update, I could barely read the generic Windows Help page, because my laptop's screen was too dark.


I hit the brightness key combo, but it made no difference.
I went into Power Saving, but no difference.

After an hour or so of faffing around, I finally got the screen back to full brightness.

In the end, I had to download the latest display drivers, completely uninstall the old drivers, and then install the new ones.

My screen's now back to full brightness again.


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