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Fridge Fiddling
  3rd July, 2018
Yesterday I got the majority of the Fridge elements into place.
The fruit is squishable, the milk is drinkable, and the levels continue for a certain length, and then end abruptly.


Today's tasks will be.
1. Adding a specific "End/Goal" to the level.
2. Adding a "Level X!" titlescreen for each level.
3. Balancing out the gameplay.
At the minute, the game really doesn't feel all that hard.

In a slight reversal, I've actually made the enemy bullets SLOWER on the Hard level, as this tends to fill the screen up a little more, and make for a tougher game as a result.
But that's not enough, and I need to start trying to come up with more interesting elements for the Fridge to have to deal with.

Balancing will be of the "Fruit vs Milk" variety, as there's currently way too much milk in the levels, and that definitely needs to be reduced to make things a little more even.

Lots to think about!

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