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Curiously Slow
  5th July, 2018
I tested this week's game on 3DS, last night, and it's all manner of slow, hitting 20 fps quite often for no apparent reason.


I think it's probably to do with all the sin/cos maths that I'm using, whereby each onscreen enemy uses 3 sets of maths for drawing the various elements, and triggering their weapons.
Seems odd that this'll be only just happening, now, though. I'm fairly sure I've used this much sin/cos stuff before.#

Today I need to figure that out, and try to speed it all up a little, and then I can get around to adding a vaguely decent background, and maybe draw something other than the same generic bland floor tiles.
... Maybe!

As for the actual gameplay itself, it now feels more or less gamey. I still need to figure out what to do at the end of a level, but otherwise everything's coming together reasonably well.

I may also need more than the one collectable, but other than Shield, I can't really think of much else to add.

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