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ZenPop Noodle Box - June 2018 - 8
  5th July, 2018
Last month, I subscribed to the ZenPop Ramen selection.
The box appears, then over the coming weeks, I review each of the noodles.
Last month's collection can be found in this SoCoder Thread, but I figured it might be something entertaining to crosspost here, too.

Noodle Eight


Looks Like

Tastes Like

Sweet lord, those are some chunky noodles!!
Smells awfully oniony, and I'm not really sure what the ominous brown sticks are. (I think they're just bread...)
Tastes quite a bit like Worcestershire Sauce crisps. That kinda weird blend between sweet and tangy. Mmmm.
And VERY flavourful. Out of all of the ZenPop ramen I've tried, this is easily the one with the strongest taste.

Rating : 5/5 - Strong taste, thick noodles. What's not to like?

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