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Much More Playable!
  6th July, 2018
Having spent a good few hours wrangling the object/baddie spawning, I've finally settled on a playable game.


Unfortunately, there's still no end to each level, so that's going to be the task for today. .. Assuming I can focus, long enough.

Instead of coding, I ended up sat in the back garden, where it's MUCH cooler than in the house.
Not in the coding mood, I opted to do some more rummaging through the Blog Archives.
I'm now up to page 600 of over 5,500.
Of course, 1200 of those are Platdude Pixelarts, so they don't really need fixing up, and another 800 are Daily Poetry which also don't need fixed.
But a lot of the Music albums could do with a bit more descriptive stuff added, and pretty much ALL the games could do with additional elements. Older games are missing logos and DVD cases and Steam Icons and such. Those will all be happening, soon enough.

But there's the rest of the blog to do first.
Yesterday I trawled through the section of the blog that dealt with me trying to decide between Monkey-X or GLBasic.


Throughout March 2011, I tried and tested both languages, got a half-functional framework running, and then inevitably abandoned both.

It's fun reading back those entries, and seeing the struggles I had at the time. Eventually, Monkey-X would be the language I'd use, but not until 2013.

Anyhoo, that's another chunk of the blog fixed up, but there's oodles more to go through.
Some day, I might actually finish this insane task.

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