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Video Player Thoughts
  6th July, 2018
A couple of days ago, I posted this short "Trailer Template".

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@RSKGames has commented!

A bit more information text message in the video about the number of levels and goal of the game would have been nice.


The app I've chosen to use is OpenShot, a free opensource video editor available initially just for Linux, but now has Windows and Mac versions, too.

I've been attempting to find a way to make a simple and reusable template video, that I can simply replace a couple of files, and .. bingo! New trailer! In much the same way that I can replace screenshots, a default icon, and the logo into the game's Icon Builder folder, and it magics up a whole bunch of screenshots, headers, icons, DVD case and more.

Additional text is easy enough to add, but the editor has really rather basic functionality when it comes to text.
Instead, the end credits that you see on the video are actually a single .png image that gets drawn onto the screen.

I'm wondering if doing that sort of thing would be better for captions, instructions, "flashy text" and the like, as that would require much less faffing around with the actual program. I could just replace a couple of images, move them around in the timeline, and be done.

Why is flappadiddle background music playing in the background?

Again, the trailer's music is a simple replaceable .wav file in the folder. You can probably tell, I first created a Flappadiddle-Doo test trailer, before going "I already have one of these.. Let's see how easy it is to switch it up to this week's game."
It wasn't that hard, but.. D'oh.. Forgot to change the music, didn't I!
Silly me.

But, yeah, it's working at least. And it shouldn't be hard to change it to make different trailers each and every week.
It could still do with a couple of more elements, however. The intro's pretty static, and the outro doesn't yet include Patreon Supporters, but.. As far as a test of the functionality, I reckon it turned out more or less OK.


(Oh, and I REALLY need to figure out how to get audio from the 3DS emulator!)

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