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8th July 2018
Each week, a massive influx of comments are sent from all players all over the world!

... Let's see what RSKGames thought about this week's game.

You can Download Pogo the Fridge here.


Overview: ''Pogo the Fridge'' is the Jumping platformer cousin of ''Squashly Boop''. This is a much harder game than the ''Squashly Boop''.


Yeah, kinda samey, but vastly different from the original plan of a new Super Bouncer game.
I actually thought more of SpikeDislike when creating it, in that it might make for an interesting additional mode in the next edition of that, with fruit for squishing, but also Spikes for Disliking!!
Yep, I'll be keeping this in mind, in the future.

Gameplay: I played ''Squashly Boop'' holding the Z key all the time so this game felt familiar. The bullets from the fruits ended the familiarity and brought a good amount of difficulty and the need for choosing the correct platforms to jump on.

Trying to find the right speed for the bullets was one of the struggles I had. Too fast, and they rarely managed to hit the player. Too slow, and the screen filled with inpassable lines of death!
In the end, I think I got the balance quite well, but Hard mode can still be quite a tricky affair.

The Z key for jumping higher helped to dodge some bullets but not all. My only concern with the gameplay is about some of the milk power-ups that are unreachable.

You should find that the Z key is much more tappable, and can be used to carefully guide your fall a little better. I've been struggling with a certain section in the "Normal" difficulty, but tapping the Z key at just the right moment, helps you dodge the bullets a little better.

Graphics: Liked the Fruit sprites and their eyes animation very much.

Simplistic "animation", of the "Sin/Cos" variety! A little blinking, and it all seems to work reasonably well.

The circle of stars expanding on collecting the stars looks great. When I first played the game without reading all information about it, I though the milk power-ups were fridge magnets to collect for getting more lives.

I originally tried to draw a glass bottle, but gave up when it looked too much like a random pile of giant phallic objects all over the level!!
My attempt at "Carton of Milk" turned out a little better. But it's not perfect. I need art lessons, I reckon

Sound: The game sounds on killing the enemies and the background music have come out well.

I looked a bit odd, sitting in front of the laptop going "Squelch, squish, splurge" and slurping at my cup of coffee!
Oh, and the hopping sound was me tapping the case of the laptop.
Not very often I use real-world sfx, as they tend not to blend well with my graphical style, but in this case it felt alright.

Game Trailer: Well done with a good amount of information and game play.

I really have an awful lot to learn about the video editor. Transitions would be nice!!
Give it time, though, and I'm sure I'll manage something decent.

.. Maybe!

Overall an enjoyable but challenging platformer.

As always, Glad you enjoyed it

One more thing I forgot is that I liked reading the level names.

A last minute addition, but you mentioned it'd be fun in the previous game, so I felt it important to try to add it in, this week!
As with most suggestions, they'll probably eventually get used, but there's no guarantee when that might be

Now, to try and beat your "Hard" highscore...

You can Download Pogo the Fridge here.
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