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  12th July, 2018
Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time deleting a lot of content


I think it's fairly probable that PlayMyCode.com isn't going to return, and I'm now up to the part of my Blog, in the giant Retread/Fixup, where I attempted the AGameADay project using the PMC site.
Around about 40 Daily blog posts over a month and a half, each with embedded PlayMyCode games included.

As such, I've been perma-deleting the embed code within the blog pages, and saying goodbye to the site as a whole.

It's a shame to see it disappear, but I expect the authors (Jo and Seb) are far too busy with real-life to find the time to fix it up and bring it back to life.

It's been fun reading through those blog posts, though, and seeing how absolutely crazy it made my usual somewhat relaxed paced of AGameAWeek!!

I've been wondering if there's a way I might be able to re-attempt the "A Day" schedule, but I can't come up with a neat way without resorting to posting a daily 3Mb download. Hmm..
And given how long it takes me to upload a single game, I'd need to stagger between AGameADay, and UploadingAGameEveryOtherDay!


On a completely unrelated note, I've still not started this year's Advent Calendar.

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