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CentiPong, then?
31st July 2018  
I spent most of yesterday contemplating various CentiPong based things, and one of the most difficult decisions is how to organise the visuals on the 3DS side of things.


The original DS version of CentiPong had the game flow between both of the screens. It was relatively easy to do as, at the time, all DS screens were equal.

Now, though, the gap is incredibly varied. The difference in gap between my original 3DS and New 3DSXL is quite alarming.
It's really noticeable when watching end credits.
Just a few days ago I found myself trying to read the end credits on WarioWare Gold (after only about 2 hours of gameplay) and was shocked by how big of a gap they'd left between the screens, only for my New 3DSXL to break the illusion.

So, I think that trying to make a game which requires precision between those two screens, will probably be a LOT harder than it oughta be.

As such, I think I'll probably just stick to the single top-screen like I've been doing for the other games so far.
That's a bit of a shame, as I really enjoyed the way original Centipong would flow between the screens. But if I can't get it to flow properly, then there isn't really much point in having a broken game.


So, where to go from here?
Well, since 90% of computer resolutions are in fact horizontal, it seems logical to make the new CentiPong be a horizontally played game. Pede's on the right, Paddle on the left.
This was, in fact, the way I originally created the first game, so it seems only natural to take things back to that style.

So, that's today's plan.
Get started, draw some new Pedes, and maybe try to come up with some sort of additional ideas, but .. If I'm honest, I might just try to recreate the original.
I dunno.

Comment below if you've any thoughts.

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