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  7th August, 2018
Over the past week or so, a growing pain in my wrist has been causing me to slow down my coding, and I think I finally worked out what it is that's doing it.


The A button on the New3DSXL is a little bit "too" close to the edge.
Couple that with WarioWare's insistence on me hammering that same A button relentlessly, and it's leading to some kind of muscle based pain in my wrist, the likes of which I've never experienced to this degree.

I'm used to having a vague cramp, due to all the typing that I do, but this is definitely something else.

The one minigame in WarioWare that really made me go "Oh, this is why my wrist's so sore" is the "Shut the door" minigame, where you need to bang repeatedly on that A button as quickly as you possibly can, over and over again.

I'm going to have to take a break from playing WarioWare.
In fact, I'll probably remove the cart and go back to playing Rhythm Megamix again, instead.

Bah, humbug..


I did at least get a bit of coding done, yesterday, as I managed to get the mushrooms popping up in the way they used to. Ball vs Mushroom collision's a little off, though, mostly due to those silly 3DS Scaling issues that keep cropping up.

Nothing that should be too difficult to work out, though.

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