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9th August 2018  
Yesterday, New Unnamed Centipong started to fall into place.
I'm not sure exactly what it was that did it. Maybe the addition of levels, or properly formulating the life system, but something suddenly clicked and things started to feel a lot more gamey.


Today I still need to add a couple of little elements, but otherwise all the pieces are in place, where they're supposed to be.

I also need to shift the collision grid for the mushrooms. The mushrooms are being drawn at 0,0 of each grid (the top left) whilst the collisions are happening in the center of the grid... D'oh!
Oddly, it's more noticeable on the 3DS than the Desktop version, which is the opposite of what I'd normally expect, since the Desktop version uses larger gaps between the grid.

Either way, a few more tweaks, and the addition of some scores, as well as Audio, and I should have the game more or less ready to go.

I'd still like to add something new, but..
I don't think that's happening!


Noticed an odd thing, yesterday. If you go to a website in Chrome and click the little padlock on the address bar, it shows "Cookies in Use"

On SoCoder, last night, I noticed that it was showing all the cookies that I've defined for the site, but also a number of Google cookies. The usual cookies that you'd expect from Analytics and such.
Except none of that's there on SoCoder, or indeed here at AGameAWeek.
Both sites are as barebones as can be, and the only cookies that exist are there when you're logged in. (And since you can't log into AGameAWeek, you *should* find you have 0 cookies whilst here)

I flushed all my cookies and hopped back in, and it's now back to only showing SoCoder cookies. But I'll be keeping my eye on that for a while, I think.
.. Google's up to something... Hmmm...

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