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Today, maybe?
12th August 2018  
I might end up delaying the game until tomorrow.
After a weekend full of yucky flu conditions, the coding's been a little slower in pace.


Most of the pieces are in place, but there's still a couple of awkward bugs I need to sort out.
For the most part, everything's working as expected, but there are a few 3DS scaling issues (as always!) and I also need to add something for delta timing, whereby the bouncing pods don't suddenly start passing through everything.

But otherwise everything seems to be functional.

So, either today or tomorrow. I'm hoping for today, but if anything awkward shows up, it might end up being delayed a little.


I'm thinking about a slight bit of rejigging of the site's theme.
RSKGames suggested putting the AGameAWeekGold bundle somewhere more permanent on the page, but there really isn't anywhere to fit it, right now.

Everything's a little "chunky" at the minute, with big borders and large headers. I'm thinking of shuffling things around a bit and scaling down elements to allow for more feature things around the page, without making it too chaotic.

Given the amount of content, it's really hard to try to find a good way to have it all on display.
If nothing happens, assume I gave up trying

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New games every week!
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