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Get to the Editor, Jay!
17th August 2018  
I spent most of yesterday working my way up to the Editor, but not quite reaching it yet.


Instead, I had to work on the gameplay handling functionality.

Once you've picked a level pack from the level select, it'll set you playing the 4 levels of the pack with only 3 lives.
Since the Level Loader resets everything, I needed to add a couple of more permanent variables that would hold things like the level pack you've picked, the level you're in, and the lives you have left.

I then created a handler routine that the main menu jumps into, which then loads the levels and runs the PlayLevel function, which lets you play the level and then returns to the handler and decides whether to progress to the next level, or remove a life and reload the same level.

All fairly simple stuff, but I needed to get all of that to work before progressing onto the editor. The editor needs the "PlayLevel" function to be completely independent as it needs to be able to jump in and out of playtesting without effecting anything else in the game, but whilst also being the exact game that the main game uses..

.. Complicated!!
But not really too complicated.

Today I might actually be able to make a start on the editor!!

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