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Level Possibilities
18th August 2018  
I've currently got the engine running with a level grid of 40x25, but the game can cope with any number of ratios, as long as the level data still fits within the confines of 1024 bytes.


I'm currently considering making it an option in the editor to choose from a few defaults. Wide, Square and Tall. This adds an extra level of complication to the level format, but in general it should all still more or less work out.

It doesn't make too much of a difference, but when I originally testing a 32x32 grid, the width felt much too small, and the height too tall. This is why I instead opted for a wider 40x25 default level size.
But it'd be interesting to see people come up with levels that are taller than wider, just for a change.

Today's tasks are three-fold, but all more or less fit together.

1. Allow plotting of selected object into the level grid, update the level data, and redraw level. (eg, Get the bloomin' editor working, already!)

2. Allow saving of level data, storing any information into the 1024 grid, regardless of how the level is set to run.

3. Test a few levels (eg, load them back up again!) at different level sizes.

Not sure how achievable all of that is in one day.

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