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25th August 2018  
I had a nice day off, yesterday, playing with the Logo generator.

There's still a few other things I'd like to add, like gradients and possibly borders, outlines, embossing, and that sort of thing.
But for now I think I should probably head back to JNKPlat.


Today I'll probably work on all the tiles.
The editor works to a degree, so I can place all the objects into a giant test level, and then begin popping them into the code.
It should be fairly easy to do, but there's a couple of important elements that must be dealt with, along the way.

Objects like the Pushable Block and the Bat need to interact with the rest of the level, so will need to be coded in highly complicated ways!

But for most tiles it should be a simple case of "This is the block type.. .. Job done!"

The Logo Generator can wait!

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