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Stupid Door!!
26th August 2018  

I spent FAR too long playing with the door/exit swirly thing, yesterday, and even after all that time, I'm still not quite happy with the results.


I'll probably give it all another try, today, and may in fact end up reusing the over from 2010, as that seemed quite nice.

Other than that, a few of the more simpler tiles have been integrated into JNKPlat2018, but nothing like the numbers I'd like.
Today will be more of the same.
Add gfx, tweak code, hope for the best!!

Right now it's all the old tiles being plonked into the engine, so apart from the above case of graphical inability, it's fairly smooth sailing.

At some point, though, I'd like to try to add a few new elements into the game.
... But whatever will they be?!

I ran out of new tile ideas a long long time ago!

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