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JNKPlat Testing
26th August 2018  

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The video above shows a bunch of the stuff I've been doing, today.
The travellators were working the other day, as was the ability to hop up onto a ledge.
But pretty much everything else is new.
..or at least, new to this edition. If you're a fan of previous JNKPlat games, this should all be fairly standard stuff.


The toggle switch permanently toggles the 'door' objects, whilst the plungers work on a timer basis. The player can trip either of these, but the toggle switches only work when in the left-most position. (Ie, you can turn them on, but not off)
A further toggle will reset the toggle switches, and the same goes for the timer plungers, which also toggle the switches and doors.
I've not yet added animation to the timed plungers, but they do at least function like they oughta. There's a slow red one, and a quicker green one.

Added to this is the pushable block, which seems to be working to a decent degree. It falls, it obeys travellators, it can be pushed or pulled, and it also 'activates' any plungers or toggles that it happens to hit along the way.

Additionally, pushable blocks exist on their own layer, so won't destroy other objects that they might pass by, which I think was a problem with ...the DS version? Maybe??!

Anyway, that's been a fairly successful day.
I now have exactly half of the 'classic' tiles working like they should, and a number of gui tweaks have been made to the editor, too.
Things are certainly looking.. ... functional!

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