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Menu One
29th August 2018  

The all important introductory menu.


The menu should be familiar to players of the 2008 DS edition, as I've taken a whole bunch of queues from that.
But this is only the "Title" menu. After this will be level selects, and that's going to be pure evil to get working correctly!!
(I'm not 100% sure I can safely jump through the level files quickly enough... hmmm..)

But it's a decent enough start.

I also need to come up with nice icons for the buttons instead of just having the plain text, and also decide whether the main game will indeed be a "story" at all.
.. I have my doubts about that!!

You're probably wondering why such a bland looking, half-assed menu has taken all day, but truth be told I actually spent a couple of hours working on the 3DS Framework, trying to get image reloading/changing to work properly.
It was "ok" before, since I tend to load all assets at the beginning of a game, but in this case it's constantly reloading images when the theme changes... and that would eventually crash after about 50 theme reloads.
So today I opted to rewrite a chunk of the image loader, to ensure it no longer crashes.

.. I don't *think* it'll crash, now. Or at least, if I leave my 3DS constantly reloading over and over, it can go through about 1,000 image changes without crashing.
I reckon that's more than enough!!

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