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Starting Menu Two
30th August 2018  
Menu Two is infinitely more complicated than Menu One.

Whereas menu one was simply a set of buttons on the titlescreen, menu two needs to list hundreds of levels.


Each "button" in menu two will be a level pack, with each level pack holding just four levels.
In order to have just 100 levels, there's going to have to be 25 buttons on the menu.
I'm hoping to have more than that, so things will probably start to get a little silly.
And that's just "MY" levels.

There then also needs to be a separate menu for all of "your" levels, as well as a "All the online levels" menu, both of which could grow to rather daft proportions.

I'm really not looking forward to doing this!!
And then I need to make levels to fill it all in, too!

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