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Tweaking Menu One
31st August 2018  
As I attempt to build Menu Two, I'm also having to tweak bits of Menu One so that everything flows well between the two.


With a few more tweaks, the mouse functionality is a little more useful, and the cursor navigation seems to work a little better.
I'm still not sure how to best describe the purpose of the JKL/ZXC option button, but I'll try to make it as obvious as I can!

Otherwise the buttons all seem to now work like they're supposed to, with the editor button going straight to the editor, and the three Start buttons leading directly into the game.

Those should, instead, be leading to Menu Two, but Menu Two still needs a whole bunch of functionality added to the overall framework to help it on it's way. Things like the ability to load certain elements into memory before the menu shows up, and figuring out what levels you may or may not have completed.

Most of that background stuff is (as far as I'm able to guess!) now working, but I still haven't yet attempted to actually MAKE menu two, yet.
So, as it has been for the past few days, that'll be today's task!

Making Menu Two!

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