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Memory Management
  3rd September, 2018
I should probably have already known this, but taking 500 levels worth of data and cramming it directly inside the code of a 3DS game, seems to cause memory issues!!


This is something I stumbled upon, yesterday, for the new version of Quadoban, but it's also going to be something I'll need to tackle for JNKPlat, once I've got around to making all the levels for that.

It's nice to have level data internally, as it allows for less cheating, but if the game is going to struggle to run, that's probably not for the best.

Today, then, I'll need to rethink, and probably just resort to an external (but still within the rom!) file.
On the 3DS version, having the levels be external isn't too much of an issue, since the 3DS editions of my games don't feature online scoreboards. Cheating isn't really all that much of a hassle.

But the Desktop version will still need those levels to be internal, as cheating will hurt the online leaderboards.

This is all, very much, a struggle, but everything learned yesterday will be carried over to JNKPlat. My memory management is slowly getting better, the more of these games I do!

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